Use this whistleblower system for participating Hans im Glück franchise partners as a confidential communication channel to report possible violations of the law - in a protected space, confidentially and, if you wish, anonymously.

The service company of the law firm LUTZ | ABEL (so-called "internal reporting office") will receive the reports on our behalf.

Which violations can be reported?
This whistleblower system can be used to report all breaches in accordance with Section 2 of the German Whistleblower Protection Act. This includes, for example
  • Criminal acts 
  • Violations of regulations subject to fines that serve to protect the health or safety of employees
  • Violations of food law or violations of environmental regulations
  • Violations of data protection and data security

What happens to my whistleblowing report?
Your report will be investigated by the internal reporting office. The investigation will be carried out in such a way that your identity will generally remain confidential to your employer and third parties. With regard to exceptions, please refer to the data protection information.

Contact us
If you would like to make a report, please contact the internal reporting office. Your right to choose to contact an external reporting office remains unaffected.

How our whistleblower system helps protect your privacy

  • No identifying information is provided to the contacts.
  • Your message will be stylometrically redacted to provide you with an even higher level of anonymity. We remove all punctuation and convert all words to lowercase."
  • All information is end-to-end encrypted, so your sensitive information remains safe.

What you can do to protect yourself

  • You are not on the corporate network (Internet/VPN).
  • You should not use a device (smartphone, computer, etc) that is provided by your employer.
  • You should not use the kinds of idioms or abbreviations that you frequently use in conversations or when writing emails.